Praise for Act from Choice

[Robert] Goldmann thoroughly examines unwanted habits in this helpful book…. Overall, the book does an excellent job of describing how humans form and keep bad habits, and it offers a wealth of effective tools and exercises to remedy them. The overall tone isn’t one of judgment or criticism, which may be helpful to readers who might be defensive or resistant to change. The guide makes its process a personal one in which the reader is fully in charge. A thorough, conversational guide to aligning one’s habits and actions with one’s intentions.

—Kirkus Reviews
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Wonderful. A twofer — It is written in a style that any overweight smoker can un-derstand and use, and is a finely crafted though easy to understand text book for professionals. A great gift, especially for people raised on guilt.

—Doug Jarvis, retired former Senior Vice-President,
Cablevision Systems Corp.

Act from Choice [is] a self-management handbook to help you turn thoughts into action in a way that is positive, approachable, and foundational…This book is a guide for real action. It offers a step-by-step approach for improving your life using methods that work. …The most wonderful aspect of this work is that every step of this guide has been considered from all angles and offered to the reader with kindness and humanity that will assist you in all aspects of your life.

—Michael Kay, Financial Life Planner and author, in Psychology Today

Robert Goldmann dedicates ACT FROM CHOICE to his teachers, including those thousands “who work to benefit others, helping us awaken our innate sanity and compassion for our-selves and others.” And in that dedication, he gives away his entire purpose. ACT FROM CHOICE simply dazzles! It synthesizes years of research that Mr. Goldmann has undertaken to make sense of suffering, to develop forgiveness, to instill compassion (starting with himself) in his clients and, now, his readers.

Goldmann’s education and decades working at the executive level do not alone account for the remarkable insight in these pages: rather, his insight comes from his obvious hunger to effect change—first in himself, then to cultivate it in his clients and students. What he achieves in his pages is a compelling description of recent neuroscientific findings; his purpose: to support us in making freer choices—to benefit ourselves and others, and live the fullest possible life as we define it for ourselves. He never lectures or dictates; he urges us forward. The Method he designs demands our attention and commitment. It does not fail to reward.

—Sara MacDwyer, Attorney at Law & Mediator,
Certified Family Law Specialist

Robert Goldmann’s Act from Choice is really two books: Part 1 describes the theory behind human development and change. It’s comprehensive and as good a work as I’ve found since grad school many years ago, yet easily understandable by the general reader.

If you want to know the big picture of human development, read and enjoy Part 1. If you’re into changing you, and already know the theory, you could go directly to Part 2. It’s a systematic guide to changing behavior. If you follow the steps, you will get results.

—Michael H. Smith, PhD, therapist, coach and organizational development consultant, Oakland, California

There’s one problem with The Act from Choice Method – it works too well! It leaves me no excuse for continuing my so-called “unwanted habits”; either I have to admit I don’t want to quit them or follow the Method and lose them.

— Clyde Grossman, founder and former Managing Director of Interactive Studio Management, a video game business development and consulting company, and founder of

Act from Choice provides solid, understandable, step-by-step methods for being how I’d like to be, but never knew quite how to do. The clarity is remarkable as must be the breadth and depth of the author’s knowledge and experience. The book’s introduction of Targeted Mindfulness makes it especially important and a treasure.

—Bob Schwartz, a founder and former Vice President of Kagyu Droden Kunchab (KDK), San Francisco, and Main Coordinator, and Secretary to the Executive Director of Kagyu Monlam, Bodh Gaya/ India

Robert Goldmann has written a book full of compassion, humor, and wisdom about who we think we are, who we really are, and who we want to be, based on groundbreaking science in neurology and psychology. More than 400 references and 15 years in private practice back up his crystal-clear insights.

In Part I of his book, Mr. Goldmann recommends we forgive ourselves for the way our habits, our subconscious, and mental laziness drive our thoughts and actions. Part II is about technique. He provides a seven-step mnemonic cost-benefit structure illustrated with dozens of applications to daily life for recognizing and managing those reactions we choose to manage– from very simple ones easy to master, to highly complex ones that take practice.

—Laird Durham, international consultant, magazine writer, and author of the self‐help Prentice‐Hall book 100 Careers: How to Pick the One That’s Best for You.

A unique amalgam of serious science, Buddhist compassion, and business-coaching directness. Robert Goldmann has brought to Act from Choice his wisdom, deep study and analysis, creating a method appropriate to everyone who wishes to manage themselves better. Do what you mean to do, and avoid acting on regrettable impulses. Robert Goldmann taught me why I think the way I do, and how to act the way I mean to. It works!

—James Sherman, Chief Operating Officer of Pollinator Partnership,
an environmental not-for-profit, and a former CEO

When you master the tools presented in Act from Choice, you’ll set aside those feeble excuses you’ve relied on to justify your misbehavior, self-sabotage, and insecurity. You will be able to own who you are, be who you want to be. Goldmann’s book is a glorious tour of oft unexplored and generally inaccessible territory: the “unconscious” drivers of your motives, feelings, and fears.

His writing combines a thoughtful review of the research literature with the rich experience of a coach who is clearly dedicated to helping his clients find and follow their own, true path. His insights will help you exchange helplessness, frustration, and fear for hope, action and fulfillment.

—Steve McElfresh, PhD, Vice President of People, New Relic Inc.